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Accessories - men's accessories

Colour Vision

All eyes on these round sunnies with colour-tinted lenses for a retro, vacation-ready look.

Le 31

Bennie round sunglasses

Bennie round sunglasses at Le 31 for men at Simons

The Quintessential Cap

Practical and stylish, this piece is hitting it out of the park in a range of different hues.

Cloth Masks

Discover our various available styles

Men Cloth Masks at Simons


An antiseptic gel for your hands that's elegant, efficient, and made in Quebec.

Hand sanitizer by Ruby Brown at Simons

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Our Best Sellers

The Compact Wallet

You won't need to make room for this tiny everyday essential that combines genuine leather and durable aluminium.


Solid matte miniwallet

Men's Classic ribbed socks by Polo Ralph Lauren at Simons

Top-Drawer Socks

Now that you're seeing them all day long, might as well wear your favourite colour.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Classic ribbed socks


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